Creative consulting for charities & nonprofit organizations.

Canticle, LLC works with tiny, medium, and large organizations. Our roster of designers, editors, photographers & developers adapt to the needs of each individual project to tell your story on a visual & candid basis.

Skip the gloss. Get dirty.

We didn’t fly 93,997 miles over the past four years just to set up lights, apply makeup, build a sound stage, and roll out a green screen. We came to gets our boots dirty. We came to tell your story the right way: with resonance.

Stories are shadows of the real thing. But your audience can't drop everything and get in the middle of it. We’ll bring the story to them: raw, organic, and candid.

We’ve donned hazmat suits to walk through Liberian ebola units. We’ve hiked glaciers in New Zealand. We’ve ridden motorcycles though Uganda, the autobús through Costa Rica, Land Rovers through the Kenyan bush, and rickshaws through Rajasthan, all bringing the story to you.


Over the past five years, we've photographed people, projects, programs, and landscapes in over 25 countries. Organizations have used our media for annual reports, marketing campaigns, websites, and other fundraising strategies.


In addition to photography, we produce micro-documentaries, television spots, promo videos, and other media for organizations across the world.

Animation + Motion Graphics

Infographics, PSAs, television spots, and fundraising campaigns built in After Effects, Lightwave, and CAD for cutting-edge & affordable marketing.

Industrial Visualization

Animation & visualization of architectural and industrial models using 3D software like Lightwave, Cinema 4D, SolidWorks, and other CAD applications.

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Canticle, LLC provides media consulting for creative agencies, nonprofit organizations, & corporate clients. Based in Little Rock, Arkansas.

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